Legal Videography

Legal Videography Services

Winter Reporting uses broadcast quality equipment to record the highest quality audio and video for your deposition. Our legal video department utilizes the latest technology: we can enable live streaming video over the Internet through high-speed access computer connections. We can provide additional video equipment as you require, such as an extra lcd monitor or an Elmo visual presenter.

Our depositions are recorded in professional Digital Video (DV) format, with year, month, date, day, hour, minute, seconds burned into the lower third of the image.

Video Formats and Transcript Synchronization

Our production staff will duplicate the video in your choice of formats and provide precise video-to-transcript synchronization. You can easily review and reference any point in the transcript using LiveNote™, Summation™, Caseview™ and other popular formats. We can provide you with expedited or overnight service as well as normal turnaround.

When scheduling a legal videographer with Winter Reporting, speak to a representative about our professional court reporting, document management and litigation support services. Our seasoned staff court reporters are well-versed in all areas of commercial litigation.

Speak to our scheduling department about our free New York City legal conference facility located directly adjacent to Broadway’s terminus at Bowling Green. Winter Reporting offers secure file-sharing services providing our clients with a convenient, secure system for deposition and exhibit retrieval.

  • We can deliver your transcripts and exhibits on the day they are produced. As soon as our staff emails you the link, your documents are immediately available.
  • You have 24/7 access to your documents no matter where you are. With a few clicks you can either view them on your screen or download them to your computer.
  • While you can still receive documents via email, you no longer need to search through previous emails to locate multiple files.

We can convert your documents to either PDF files and if you add our OCR services, we can create searchable documents for you.